Kids’ Recreation Resort

Kids Recreation Resort

Want to work out, but need someone to watch your children so you can get back in shape?

Morey Courts offers Kids’ Recreation Resort!!!

Monday thru Friday only; 8am-noon and 5:00 pm -7:30 pm. No Friday Evening during the Summer (June 1st – September 1st). 

Friday afternoons will be available again in the Fall!

Children; infants through age 9 are supervised in an activity room while Member parents work-out or enjoy one of the ‘court sport’ games!


1 child = $3.00 for 1hr.2 children = $5.00 for 1hr.

1 child=$5.00 for 1 1/2 hrs.2 children =$7.00 for 1 1/2 hrs.

Drop ins welcome but space is limited.