Tennis Training

Morey Courts and Championship Sports offer individual and small group instruction for tennis.  All training sessions will be held at Morey Courts and utilize the tennis.  Training programs are available to all levels and ages.


Jeri Reid

With 40 years of teaching experience, Jeri is one of the games leading instructors.  She has developed a following from all over the world ranging from beginners to advanced tournament players.  Her ability to instruct along with her sense of humor, relaxes her students for a better learning environment.  She is recognized for her perspective eye in identifying swing problems and their causes.  Jeri also conducts the “Mental Game of Golf” (and other sports) seminars and workshops, with participants ranging from beginners to PGA/LPGA tour players.  For four years, Jeri was a school teacher and high school coach, and contributes her communication skills to years of studying teaching methods and techniques in the classroom and on the golf course.  Jeri has setup and ran the Jeri Reid Golf School in Michigan, Ohio, and South Florida and her Michigan location is at the PohlCat Golf Course in Mt. Pleasant and Morey Courts Recreation Center.

To contact Coach Reid please call 989-775-1868 or 954-422-3380.