Basketball Camps

Girls Winter Basketball Tryouts 6th-8th Grade - Champ Sports
Girls 6th-8th Grade
Registration Open
Dates: 12/02/2018-03/17/2019 (Sunday )
Cost: $20
Register by 12/02/2018
Participants: Girls
Boys Champ Sports Basketball Tryouts 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
Boys 6th - 8th - Winter Session - January - March
Registration Open
Dates: 12/02/2018-12/02/2018 (Sunday)
Cost: $20
Register by 11/09/2018
Participants: Boys
Pistons Academy **REGISTER AT**
Co-Ed Entering Grades 3-9
Registration Open
Dates: 08/05/2019-08/08/2019 (Monday - Thursday )
Participants: Co-Ed

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